Fertile Ground

by Farmhouse Odyssey

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Fertile Ground is a hero's journey through the subjective world of dreams towards the ground of self transformation. "It happened as always in a dream when you leap over space and time and the laws of life and mind, and you stop only there where your heart delights." - Fyodor Dostoyevsky

"Dreams are extraordinarily strange. One thing appears with terrifying clarity, with the details finely set like jewels, while you leap over another, as though you did not notice it at all — space and time, for instance. It seems that dreams are the work not of mind but of desire, not of the head but of the heart… In a dream things quite incomprehensible come to pass." - Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Artwork by Ali Saren

24 bit/96.000 kHz sample rate


released May 31, 2019

Alex Espe – Vocals, Piano, Rhodes, Moog, Organ, Mellotron
Aaron Laughlin – Vocals, Guitars, Mandolin, Mellotron
Alex Pepe – Guitars
Ian Taylor – Bass, Synth Bass
Thatcher Norton – Drums

All songs written and produced by Farmhouse Odyssey

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Aaron Laughlin at Odyssey Studios


all rights reserved



Farmhouse Odyssey Arcata, California

Farmhouse Odyssey is a group of five musicians who believe in music as a guiding and transformative force in the world. Since they formed in 2012 in Arcata, California each member has brought a unique perspective to the group, coalescing into a whole that is somewhere between progressive rock, jazz fusion, and psychedelia. ... more

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Track Name: The Call
Stirring song filled
The dreamer’s ears,
Carried on the wind
That sent ripples across
The water’s surface;
Shimmering – becoming.
A silent sign
Spoken wordlessly
Beckons along
The perfect crests,
Of the ripples that sail
On the water’s surface,
Shimmering with reflections
Of emotions inside;
Glowing of moonlight.

Reaching out
From the still space of eternity;
Glimmering lights –
Like fireflies in night –
Soft and strange
Luminous streaks flicker,
Through damp, forested twilight.

They light the way for him
Further on up
The stream, flowing
In effortless tranquility.

In the water there shone a dream –
A great chance.
Come quickly
And walk with me.

Is it with Destiny that we meet,
Along the elemental stream of dreams?
All off this is but to be a memory;
A spiraling infinity calling
Through an ever deepening mystery.

What do you see, emerge
Beneath the clear mirror surface?
Track Name: Out of the Fog
I see a moonlit path before me
Filtered by fog creeping in.
Feels so beyond
And out of my control,
If only I could find some way to let go.

A bitter cold wraps me
In its arms of mist,
But moonlit glints
Of shimmered mist steal
His gaze; swept up
By the passing sounds heard
Through the forest when ears sing in tune
Shattering his shield of stringent creedence
Shield of gold was not so certain again
Gold was flawed, brassbound, distorted, sorted

The path’s immersed by fog
Forged of forgotten dreams
Lost in tangled wood
All that I can see
Is the worn step
I long to take in front of me

So it would seem
That every moment
Has led to now.
Where will we be if doubt
Diminishes the light?
Like cliffs that vanish in time,
Eroded slowly by
A dark bottomless sea.
Let go and tread into
The heavy, biting waves;
Ripen the fruit,
That bears belief.

Silken strings of light
Cross on silent beams,
Appearing through a clouded veil;
Like the truth pouring out
And flooding ancient trees.

Retreating waves
Capture my world-less gaze

Dissolving into nothing like a vision
The fog burns by the blinding light of day
Track Name: Betwixt and Between
The rising sun brings ease,
Yet it burns my eyes
Is this world
Lit by the light of dreams?

Alone I stand
As I plant my feet
In the cool morning sand;
To softly bury
My uncertainties and yesterdays,
And stay hidden
In the riddles of the green woods
That linger within reach,
And the tireless ocean breeze.
Invite me in
This impossible veil;
Invisible seam, betwixt and between
Dreams dreamt
Without and within,
To sort out some fallen strands of light,
When all life is but the blink of an eye.

Where would we be without our dreams?

Mechanized, justified, in profane
Disenchanted worldviews
Fed by creations misused.
Beyond these fading woods
Swelling cities encroach
As a boundless mirage;
Overflowing emptiness.
Womb of cold comfort
Silencing the call.

Take this song and reveal
Those fallen strands of light.
We’ll honor the Earth
And its wonders.
For the rolling stream travels
Always, onward somewhere,
Rounding out stones
Once thought impenetrable;
Leaving behind bits
Of scattered gold, not caught by eyes
Behind drapes of arrogance;
It makes no sense
That we have arrived
To any end but ourselves.
Stumbling on to understand this dream,
Looking round, is it the dream that stands under me?

The wind howls
Through twists and turns,
Down cold alleys
Of crumbling crags
Jutting out
Among green shaded seas.
The beauty here
Is fettered by fear.
Dangling off the edge
Of a clifftop,
Land below
So far off
Yet so near.

Suddenly the sun beams
Soft and warm on shivered skin.

The sun rises, reveals all
Elements once as one in darkness.

A fertile state of unknowing;
Just letting it all be,
Lit by the light of dream.

A distant fire leads me
On through rippling trees.
Track Name: Ancient Yet Eternal
Somewhere in the fire’s
Low, amber glow
There are worlds upon worlds,
Shining soft,
In far off unknowns.
The welcome heat
The blaze brings,
The crackling song
The wood sings –
In streaking embers lost
To entropy – slips as
My spirit churns
And begins to burn deep, beneath
Consuming my memories
Under the ocean’s sleep

The flame catches higher
Spread by winds
That crack my skin
The stars
That kindle the sky
Have all gone out.
My ground
Of disposition
The world is rewritten.
But all life is just a dream
To be a memory;
A secret fire burning
To infinity.

Does this fire
Purify my eyes?
Now aware of
A moment’s endeavor;
Unknown will be our treasure
Once we dare
To venture beyond
A mother’s leg to hide behind.
Channeled through to the other side
Far from the wildfire’s wake;
The smoldering charcoal remains.

A sudden sting
And the sight of this dream
Melts as wax
On a candle streams
Down in trickles.
A clouded pool forms
My swirling face.
And where I once
Had eyes, hold
Wicks of burning oil.

You don’t need ears to hear
Or eyes to see,
When all life is like a dream,
Lit by the light that brings
The same flame
That ignites dominance
Lights the way for love to find us;
Calling from the other side.
Track Name: Verve
Above the clouds I see no rainfall
Through the crowds I hear a faint call
Telling me to see past the downfall
Under storm battered skies
There rests a memory of earth
Where whispers of a watchful wonder
Trickle through the ground right under,

The flooding oncoming night.
Watchful fading light.
Memories stir in sight.
A Song of chaotic storm
Ascends among
The Rain ripened suchness.
The world so full and numinous;
Drenched in melancholy wonder.

And I can see you shimmering,
And I’m not alone.
You’re absorbing everything
I thought that you had grown.

Broken today
He sees an end
Smiles anyway
The storm consumes him.
Faces away
He cries for help,
But he speaks no words;
A formed contusion.

And while you’re thoughts are hindering
The growth you wanted so,
Falls and crushes my new wings
But pushes you to grow.

Come near me
Come hear me
Listen a little closer
Step inside
Step inside
There’s lessons from your pain
And there’s joy on the other side.

Live not in the past
Let resentment wither.
Darkest hour of night
Light still shines a sliver.

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